In an MLM, but Should You Get a Job?

mlm get a job

I’ve see recently, several comments, posts, etc. on social media revolving around this one question – You’re in an MLM, but should you get a job? I want to be clear about a couple of things: First, this isn’t from any one specific post by any person.  I just tuned-in … Continue reading

Trim Down Global Review


The definitive Trim Down Global Review! Trim Down Global is a brand-new, still in pre-launch affiliate company diving deeply into the weight loss industry! How does it stack up as an opportunity, the product, and as a long-term income potential? Well, to answer those questions, I started this Trim Down … Continue reading

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Secret

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Secret

What if I could show you the One “Secret” to Social Media Success for your home-based business?  The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Secret? Well, I can. See, I go through training almost every day, constantly growing and learning how to get ever better at my business. And a lot of … Continue reading

“How Much Do You Make”

How to answer the question “How Much Do You Make” in your MLM I asked a question on my Facebook account yesterday: How do YOU answer “so how much do you make?” There were a lot of thoughtful and sometimes impassioned answers: There’s more of course, but that’s just a … Continue reading