Trim Down Global Review


The definitive Trim Down Global Review! Trim Down Global is a brand-new, still in pre-launch affiliate company diving deeply into the weight loss industry! How does it stack up as an opportunity, the product, and as a long-term income potential? Well, to answer those questions, I started this Trim Down … Continue reading

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Secret

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Secret

What if I could show you the One “Secret” to Social Media Success for your home-based business?  The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Secret? Well, I can. See, I go through training almost every day, constantly growing and learning how to get ever better at my business. And a lot of … Continue reading

“How Much Do You Make”

How to answer the question “How Much Do You Make” in your MLM I asked a question on my Facebook account yesterday: How do YOU answer “so how much do you make?” There were a lot of thoughtful and sometimes impassioned answers: There’s more of course, but that’s just a … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Great Facebook Cover Photo

Great Facebook Cover Photo

How to Select a Great Facebook Cover Photo for your MLM Business! I see so many people attempting to build their business online with Facebook, and using just terrible Cover Photos in their profile. Since Facebook is probably the most important marketing platform ever, it’s importance can’t be overstated.  With … Continue reading

Value Your Time in your MLM Business

Value your Time

Do You Value Your Time? Ever heard of a Psychic Vampire?  People who don’t value your time but only take, take, take and leave soul-sucking negative behind! It’s a creature we all have to be aware of daily! They Won’t Value Your Time You’ve met them, people who email, phone, skype … Continue reading

6 Days to MLM Success Audio Course


Finally Achieve MLM Success? Where are you in your MLM Career? Struggling for MLM Success? Brand new and wondering “what’s next?” Been in for a while and have questions about how you’re proceeding and how Top Earners structure their days? Upline disappears or not able to help? Well, these are … Continue reading