Can You Be A Millionaire in MLM?

Millionaire in MLM

Listen to most of the ads people post on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere and you’d think it was easy to become a Millionaire in MLM — and typically without any effort (other than your small investment) while you sit in your PJs and watch TV. Well, we know that’s just … Continue reading

3 Decisions I Made That Dramatically Improved My Life!

3 Decisions I Made That Dramatically Improved My Life

There’s more to life than just money and working.  It always makes me a little sick when I see people on social media bragging that they’re up at 2am and “still grinding”. Yes, success takes effort, focus and dedication, but why did you start your own Network Marketing business to … Continue reading

Pitfalls of Working From Home


Ah, the dream of working from home. Time flexibility, and so much productivity… right? Unfortunately, no!  It doesn’t always work out that way, as there are many things in your life that will be shoehorning in for your attention and distracting you. Fact is, without a “boss” standing around to … Continue reading

A Look Back at 2014…

A Look Back at 2014

… the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome! I admit it, this is my favorite time of year – that week between the stress of Christmas and the sense of Fresh and New of a New Year. Traditionally, I take that week off, spend it with my sons, … Continue reading

MLM Recruiting Christmas Blues

MLM Recruiting Christmas Blues

Suffering from the MLM Recruiting Christmas Blues? What are the MLM Recruiting Christmas Blues?  Well, have you heard how “hard” it is to build your business around the Holidays? That people are distracted and busy and focusing on travel and decorating and shopping and not willing to entertain your opportunity? … Continue reading