My Fun Life – The Definitive Review!

my fun life reviewMy Fun Life Review

My wife and I are proud to be Independent Representitives for My Fun Life.

My Fun Life is a Network Marketing Mobile App Company recently launched (Summer 2013) that combines 2 massive markets – the $6+ Trillion Travel market and the $2+ Billion Mobile Apps market!

How does it work?  Let’s review!


Quick Video Introduction to MyFunLife

My Fun Life Products

My Fun Life offers 3 ways to save on Travel, and an recently released mobile app! Most exciting is the planned future apps – each with it’s own income opportunities – for future years!  The next will be a Health App!

My Fun Life offers 3 different products right now:

  • Cha-Ching Booking Engine – their travel and vacation booking engine!
  • FunCondos – all those unused timeshares? Members can snag them for pennies on the dollar!
  • FunTrips – package vacations at a discount, utilizing the buying power of a group, just like Bulk Buying at Costco or Samsmart!  Checking this morning, they had 11 available, from Alaska, to Mexico, to Ho Chi Min city and many more!

My Fun Life Compensation plan  

The My Fun Life Compensation plan is designed to offer multiple ways to earn, and the potential for an Amazing Income!

First, this is a $50 a month opportunity and just $200 to Join!  Unlike almost every other company out there, there are  NO extra ‘fees’ for your websites, back office, or autoresponder!!  Yep, a complete “business in a box” is included!

At it’s heart is a 3×12 matrix. The first row is below you, row 1, with 3 spots.  Each of them have 3 spots, so your second level has 9 spots, and this continues for 12 total levels.

Ways to Earn with MyFunLife

There are 8 Ways to earn with MyFunLife!

Fast Start with Infinity Overrides

my fun life fast start bonuses As you personally share the MyFunLife Opportunity with others, you’ll earn $100 Fast-Start Bonus from their joining!

Even More exciting, for those your Personally Enrolled introduce, you’ll earn an Infinity Override (based on the chart above) based on their Monthly Membership!

Matrix Commissions

my fun life 3x12 matrix incomeAs your Team grows, through both your efforts as well as the efforts of others, your 3×12 matrix and income will begin filling through the power of Cooperative Marketing!

Based on your Rank achieved (see below) you’ll be eligible to earn Commissions based on the member’s Monthly Membership in the Travel Club!  Note in the chart above, that is Monthly Potential!

I did this quick breakdown to show the number of entries into each Level of the 3×12 matrix:

Level # Positions
1 3
2 9
3 27
4 81
5 243
6 729
7 2187
8 6561
9 19683
10 59049
11 177147
12 531441

So in the chart above, if you were a Silver you have Level 5 unlocked, giving a potential Monthly income of $726.  Your first level has 3 people at 4% of each Monthly Membership of $50 (50BV).  50×4% = $2.00 times 3 people = $6 for your first level.  The 2nd level has 9 positions, with 10% commission.  $50×10% = 5 time 9 = $45.  See how that works? 🙂

Check Matching Bonuses

my fun life check matching bonusesPerhaps the most exciting part of the MyFunLife Compensation plan is the Check Matching.  You’ll earn a percentage match of each check your personally enrolled members earn!

Simple, If you’re a Diamond (for example) and have 3 you enrolled in MyFunLife each earning $1000, you’ll earn 50% (or $500!) for each one, for a total of $1500!

This is above and beyond the matrix commissions or any other bonuses!

Quarterly Leadership Pools

my fun life quarterly leadership poolsAs you rise to higher ranks, you begin to unlock the potential to benefit from the MyFunLife Quarterly Leadership Pools!

4% of all monthly membership volume is put into a pool, and if you qualify at a rank for 2 out of 3 months in a quarter, you’ll receive a bonus based on the breakdown above, split with all others who qualified in that pool!

Rank Advancement Bonuses

my fun life rank advancement bonusesFinally, as you climb to new heights with MyFunLife, you’ll be qualified to receive Cash Bonuses for your Rank Advancement when you achieve a rank for 3 consecutive months!

This is paid in addition to any other commissions earned, and the above purchases are Ideas only and not actual prizes!

MyFunLife Compensation Plan Conclusion

I love matrixes – they offer the potential for spillover, and a deep sense of ‘I can do this‘ to each member!  Each member is part of the Team, and all pulling together in the same direction!

Historically, one disadvantage of matrix-type plans is they tend to limit your potential income, but My Fun Life has built in the multiple other bonuses that allow you to deepen your income potential!  Features like the Check Match allow you to benefit on an ever-growing group, regardless of where you’d sponsored them in your matrix!


ALL for just $50 a month, and All by giving people the opportunity to save money on Vacations!

Best of all, this comes with a “Done For You” marketing system!  Included in your monthly membership is nine lead capture pages, and an autoresponder series sent out to your prospects by the company!  There’s no need to set up a separate page and create your own email series – unless you want to!

The Opportunity to have a better quality of Life, build a LifeStyle Business and Take Better Vacations!

If you’re ready to change your LifeStyle and Take Better Vacations, Check out My Fun Life today!

IMPORTANT NOTE – Income Disclaimer: No incomes are guaranteed. Any examples above are hypothetical only. Your success or failure is completely up to you, your goals, your skills!

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  1. Joe Stewart says: Reply

    funny how most of the people on Facebook who are marketing it state that “tons of successful 6-7 figure network marketers are quickly joining My Fun Life” but when I ask who they either block me or go off on an hour long rant because they are so emotionally attached to MFL -_-

    1. Thanks for the comment, but you’re just talking to the wrong people! I don’t make claims I can’t back up, and while I’m emotionally attached to My Fun Life, I understand people need to get the information to make a decision.

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